Business design + Financial modelling

We bring together business design and financial modelling skills to create value for you and your clients. Value is created through good business decisions. Good business decisions need a sound rationale and a good understanding of the likely financial impact of the decision. We can help you with both.


Let’s chat if you need:


A business case & financial projections

We’ve developed and reviewed numerous business cases over the years for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investments, start-ups, and various projects. A good business case needs three essential ingredients: 1) a sound commercial rationale, 2) well articulated financial projections and scenarios, and 3) execution plans. We develop full business cases in conjunction with your team, or can just provide the financial sections.


A specific financial model built

We custom build a variety of easy-to-use financial models, including three statement financial projection models, discounted cash flow (DCF) models for various applications, M&A models, budgeting models, and rolling forecast models. We’re always happy to chat if you have another type of model you’d like built.


A decision support tool

Test the financial impact of decisions you’re looking to make in a test environment and then go live with the best course of action.

Another good tool for ongoing decision support is a driver-based rolling forecast model. It allows you to:

  • Test proposed changes and scenarios

  • Obtain insights for quick management action

  • Understand how business drivers impact financial performance

  • Allocate resources based on expected performance

  • Obtain advanced warning of financial covenant breaches, funding shortages, the need for capital investments, and the possibility of being in financial distress.


An opportunity evaluated

We’ve worked on over 100 M&A and restructuring transactions and have reviewed numerous investments, projects and opportunities. This has included commercial rationale / strategy testing, full due diligence investigations, and investment appraisal.


A financial overlay of your project or process

We understand both business and finance well and can translate your business or product ideas into numbers.