Valuation advisory

We combine our business, financial modelling and valuation skills to produce valuation based solutions. 


Business valuation

We value:

  • Shares / equity / owner's interest

  • Businesses and assets

  • Cash flow streams (e.g. profit sharing arrangements)

  • Transaction synergies


Valuation review

We review valuations tabled by your counterparty for reasonability and advise you where to push back on the valuation. Valuations produced by your counterparty are often biased in their favour and need to be thoroughly scrutinised.


Pricing structure advisory

Transactions often fall apart because the parties cannot agree on pricing. There are various mechanisms which can be used to bridge a pricing gap. These include:

  • Earn-out structures

  • Clawback structures

  • Escrow arrangements

  • Warranties & Indemnities

  • Transaction insurance (Warranty & indemnity, Country risk, Contingent liability and Environmental liability insurance)


Strategic value advisory

We advise you how to increase the value of your business in preparation for strategic actions (e.g. mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures).


Management value advisory

Discounted Cash Flow valuations allow the impact of multiple decisions over a number of years to be captured in a single number: business value.

We build valuations models for management to assess the potential impact of management actions on the value of a business over time and also give advice in this regard. 

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